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WEI architects propel deriving from emotional design to create atmosphere driven synergy with interaction between people and building. “Suffused Space” as called by WEI is the field to inspire users to appreciate their own intuitive perceptions.

Originally founded in New York, ELEVATION WORKSHOP established its Beijing office, WEI architects, in 2009. As one of the most innovative and dynamic young firms in China, WEIarchitects has projects ranging from a large-scale complex center (about 400,000sqm), and a deluxe five-star hotel (20,000sqm) to museum design and small, high-end fashion retail stores as well as children’s development center and playground. Along with many world-class architecture firms, WEI has been invited to participate in the design process for many important projects in Beijing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia. WEI’s projects have been featured in over twenty publications in over ten countries around the globe, including Time Architecture (China), Domus, Archdaily (U.S.), Dezeen (UK), FRAME (Netherlands), Gestalten (Germany), and Rikuyosha (Japan). Several of WEI’s projects have been nominated for international design awards. The “SongMax” store and showroom design was presented at the AIANY interior design lecture series in 2014. WEI also received a competition award in 2009, and the “People’s Choice” and the “Most Sunning Design of 2010” award for the planning pavilion in Rizhao, Shandong Province. WHY hotel was awarded “the 2015 Best New Hotel”, “Hotel ofthe Year” and other international and domestic awards. WEI has been profiled by international media, including CBS News, China Economic Observer News, China Construction News and others during which period WEI architects participated in many architectural lectures and discussion panels in the international design world.


魏娜及Christopher在纽约共同创立了ELEVATION WORKSHOP,并于2009年正式成立北京办公室-WEI建筑设计。作为在中国最活跃的年轻事务所之一,WEI目前的项目包括从几十万平米的大型综合中心、几万平米的超五星级酒店到几千平米的美术馆、学校、幼儿园及规模更小的高端时尚零售店和儿童会所等,并与世界顶级建筑师事务所一同受邀参与了包括北京、天津、内蒙古和四川省政府的多个重要项目的设计。WEI的作品已被包括domus、中国的时代建筑、美国的Archdaily、英国的DeZeen、荷兰的FRAME,德国的Gestalten、日本的六耀社等世界十几个国家的几十个杂志和出版社报道,并获得国内外多个奖项。魏娜主创的SongMax项目获得美国建筑师协会纽约分会(AIANY)2014年第五届室内设计大奖。2011年,山东日照规划馆的设计也被评为2010年“最阳光”设计奖。WHY hotel被评为2015年最佳新酒店、年度最佳酒店等国内外各种奖项。同时,魏娜也受到了包括美国CBS(哥伦比亚广播公司)、中国经济观察报、中国建设报、中国搜房网、中国建筑新闻网等各领域多家媒体的专访,并在世界多个国家的大学举办了建筑讲座和参与建筑评论。


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